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Helm Development Team


We are a group young people who love their job.

Above all, we are extremely curious, which motivates us to look for new knowledge sources and makes us willing to work with emerging technologies. Moreover, we think that learning and working towards innovation generates a creative environment ideal for coming up with new ideas. That's the reason we want to keep contact with the client, to develop his idea and make it real.




iOS / Android

Current status: Published.

Explica! is an app for tablets that creates videos through a virtual board. The app registers the drawing or strokes on the board and records the drawing process as well as audio, allowing to create a video with an explanation going with the drawing. Moreover, Explica! offers numerous options of customization: the colour or size of the lines, the colour of the background, and there is also the option to zoom in and out, among others. The main objective is to provide teachers with a tool that allows them to use graphical assistance, as if it were a physical board.

On the other hand, Explica!'s last update allows to manage each board as if it were a PowerPoint file, that is, adding pages to it. Thus, the teacher, in addition to generating material, can organize it and use it again. In addition, it has been added the option to import PDF files and to delete or change the watermark for an image of the photo library.

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Current status: Coming soon. User testing phase.

Telme is an App for tablets which has been created in order to improve the communication process in children who have any language disorder. The app, developed for Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, shows multiple words that should be repeated by the user. Afterwards, the kid will be shown a video where the word is correctly pronounced. Having the support of some scientific studies, the user will see how a mouth pronounces correctly the word in his own face, making it easier to understand how to pronounce that word.


iOS / Android

Current status: Coming soon.

Submissions is an app that offers a series of functionalities to the UOC students. With it, the students can see their continuous assessment subjects and the list of assignments, both to submit (it shows the deadline and can be used to submit it) and submitted (it shows when will the marks be published, the comments of the teacher, and the marks once they are available). In addition, once the subjects are finished, the students can check the final mark of their continuous assessment.


ios / android

Current status: Published.

Sometimes it is easier wanting to meet some friends or coworkers and losing the message which indicates the time or place in what looks as an eternal chat. In order to solve this problem and easing event's communication, we made WeWaWe. By using WeWaWe it's possible to create a group with friends and all of them will be able to edit the date or place where the event takes place. Furthermore, it's possible to accept or reject events and it's really easy to know every time the people who will attend to the event. WeWaWe's chat, unlike other apps' chats, is unique for every event, so it's possible to be part of a group and not to see yourself drowned in a sea of messages about an event which doesn't appeal to you.

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iOS / Android

Current status: Coming soon

The purpose of Assess is to make the correction of the continuous assessment tests easier to the teachers and consultants of UOC. Thanks to this app, the teacher can see a list of all his subjects and its assignments, as well as the students who have done them. Thus, the teachers can grade these activities by writing on them, with the note app of their choice. Once marked, comments can be added, so the students can know the reason behind their marks.

Janel's catalogue


Current status: Published.

A lot of times a salesperson meets a possible client with the aim of showing to him a catalogue of products. In Janel's catalogue, the App was made in order to present phisically haberdashery products, without needing any kind of Internet connection but allowing the salesperson to be confident that every item will appear there. Thanks to this, the salesperson has in his hands a light device with a gigantic catalogue.

In fact, we don't only develop this kind of Apps guaranteeing quality, but we have delved into the catalogue Apps development so much that we are able to create them really fast.

Vendrell Connecta


Current status: Published.

Vendrell Connecta is an App for mobile devices where Vendrell's businessess can promote their services by using videos and images, along with the contact information. Furthermore, as a business, it is possible to use the App as a marketing and advertisement tool, because the user will be able to discover businessess in multiple categories that will allow him to discover only what he founds interesting.

In fact, we don't only develop this kind of Apps guaranteeing quality, but we have delved into the catalogue Apps development so much that we are able to create them really fast.

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Current status: Published.

Microblog is a tool of internal communication for the students of the UOC (Open University of Catalonia), based on the idea of microblogging. The app shares some characteristics with Twitter™, like naming other users and hashtags. Thanks to that, it is possible for the students to exchange opinions and information of both assignments and university life.

Volkswagen Golf VII


Current status: Private publication.

This app is for Volkswagen Golf VII salesmen. With it, the salesmen show the customers a series of videos with the car's features and information about some of its characteristics in a PDF.



Current status: Paused.

VideoNotas is an app that can be used to add notes to videos of Vimeo or Youtube. Each note is linked to a fraction of time, thus creating a parallel timeline with annotations about the videos. Thanks to that, the students can make annotations on the video and later use these annotations to study, because they can be used as markers.

Festa Major de Sitges 2014


Current status: Published.

This app was done for the festivities of Sitges (Barcelona), in 2014, and shows the programme of the activities made during the celebrations. People could use it to know what was going on easily.

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iOS / Android

Current status: Paused.

It is usual for an UOC student to access to the study materials and be unable to comment them like if they were physical. Materiales is an app developed for the UOC that allows the students to see their study material in a centralized way and to read, generate and share notes about the subject's material. That turns it into something interactive and useful for the students and makes studying less passive.


Miguel Berrocal

Age: 27

Aside from being an exceptional iOS developer, he is a software engineer with great attention to the detail. He is passionate about simple interfaces and knowing the reason behind each app.

Borja González

Age: 25

Software engineer, he is passionate about learning and the opportunity to expand his knowledge. He is for the Clean Code and against the Spaghetti Code

Pau Castells

Age: 26

iOS developer and computing engineer. His specialization is finding the most efficient algorithm and making inconceivable things work, improvising solutions out of nowhere.

Héctor Manrique

Age: 27

As an Android developer, Héctor is unbelievaly constant and professional. He surfs the code in a unique way, creating code really fast and with an absolutely unbeatable professionalism.


Since they know us, all of them trust in the quality of our work.

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